FRESHFOOD The one thing you won’t find a ta fresh food market is muzak. You’d hear the yelling of enthusiastic stall holders competing with each other for customers’ attention, but the environmentally controlled atmosphere of afluorol it supermarket is about as far from the experience of a fresh market as possible. Markets are messy, busy and noisy just the way the shoppers like it.

Formerly Patrina’s Potatoes & Herbs, Georgie’s Harvest at the South Melbourne Market sells 23 different types of potato as well as pumpkins, garlic, carrots, onions and wasabi. This is the first year in the business for former business development manager Georgina Dragwidge, who says she is one of several corporate refugees at the market to have left board rooms for‘‘ one of the nicest places to work’’.

Dragwidge sources her produce directly from the farmers who grow it. “I like to shake the hand of the farmer I buy from,’’ she says. It’s a plus for her customers who are carbon footprint – and food mile conscious. “Market customers care about where their food comes from. They ask lots of questions and feel better knowing that I buy directly from the farmer. ”Fresh food markets are dotted throughout urban Melbourne and we are one of the few cities in Australia with a huge fresh food market in the hear to four cit. Each market has its own distinct personality, from the grandeur of the Queen Victoria Market in the city to local markets.

The best place to source Asian ingredients is at Footscray Market, famous for its unusual Asian fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and especially seafood. It’s the place to find live crab, and a huge range of whole fish, which comes wrapped in Asian news paper and filleted on request. Fresh food markets are the best places to learn about food, as the stall holders are universally passionate about their produce.

Unlike a super market, where the choice of potatoes can be as simple as brushed or un brushed, Dragwidge can tell you where her potatoes were grown, the name of the farmer who grew them, when they were harvested and exactly which potato to use for which recipe.



Footscray Market: corner Hopkins and Leeds streets, Footscray. Tues and Wed 7am – 4pm, Thurs 7am – 6pm, Fri 7am – 8pm, Sat 7am – 4pm.

Preston Market: Cramer and Murray streets, Preston. Wed 8am – 3pm, Thurs 8am – 6pm, Fri 8am – 8pm, Sat 8am – 3pm.

Queen Victoria Market: corner Elizabeth and Victoria streets, city. Tue and Thurs 6am – 2pm, Fri 6am – 5pm, Sat 6am – 3pm, Sun 9am – 4pm.

South Melbourne Market: 322 – 326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne. Wed 8am – 4pm, Fri 8am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 4pm, Sun 8am – 4pm. Or visit markets victoria.com.au for a full list of Melbourne fresh.