The olive is a crop – the fruit of the olive tree. When the cultivation methods and the pressing procedures at the factory have retained the highest standards of quality within the olive oil, only then can it be labeled as “Extra Virgin”. If Terra Creta S.A. has a clear advantage, it is because its Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always of the same region, the same variety of olive and its values of acidity, waxes, etc. never exceed 50% of the maximum allowance of these elements under the regulations set by the European Union.
Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is subjected to a strict inspection and certified as to its quality and designation of origin by services of the Greek Government. It bears a seal of security with an approved serial number that reveals the passage of the product from the grove to your possession. It comes directly from the northwestern region of Crete, Kolymvari, globally acclaimed for its top quality Olive Oil.
Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil, From the island of Crete, has a acidity of .03% and comes from the cold extraction of Koroneiki olives.

Georgie’s harvest has chosen Kolymvari Olive Oil for its consistent quality and amazing taste.